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DavidBartonGym is dedicated to one single idea. That it is possible to completely recast the genetic expression of one’s body. In other words anyone’s body can be transformed into any type of physique the owner wants. The way this happens has been reduced to reliable scientific equations. In the early days of personal training these equations were still being subjected to the rigors of scientific research, and there were very few places where one could go to for a new body. We were one of those places. We changed bodies, for all kinds of clients and body types.

The formulas for reshaping a body require a number of skills which our team has collectively accumulated via access to some of the greatest scientific resources the world had to offer. We’ve recruited trainers capable of learning a lot of information, and applying it with dogged commitment. One must understand this to appreciate the unique breed of professional who qualifies to call himself a DavidBartonGym trainer. They are responsible for perpetuating a tradition and body of knowledge delivered to members at a standard which had been previously unheard of.

Today the reputation enjoyed by our trainers is unparalleled. We are the gold standard against which all others are compared, and in fact it is the pounds lost, bodies beautified, and lives changed that have financed the extravagant surroundings found only at DavidBartonGym.

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