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DavidBartonGym – Bellevue

11111 NE 8th Street
Bellevue, WA 98004

Monday – Friday
5:00am – 10:00pm
Saturday – Sunday
7:00am – 7:00pm

General Manager
Todd Holmstedt

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Class Policies

For Your Safety
& In Consideration Of Others

  1. Please mention any physical limitations to the instructor prior to the start of class.
  2. Class is closed 10 minutes after start time. Please do not ask to be the exception.
  3. When entering a class late, please begin in the back of class.
  4. If you will be modifying movements, please do so away from the front of the class.
  5. If you will be leaving class early, please exit as quietly as possible.
  6. Street shoes are not permitted on the studio floor. Athletic shoes only.
  7. Please respect classes in progress, keep voices down inside & outside the classroom door.
  8. If you must bring a cell phone, please silence the ringer.


Class Descriptions | Body Altering Group Training

Group Training @ DavidBartonGym is unique as our trainers teach the classes focusing on safe, efficient body altering exercises designed to change not only the way you think and train but the way that you look. Benefits include cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, tone and flexibility. Show up and be prepared to be worked out.


Group Training

Ass, Arms & Abs: Need we say more?… targeted strength work designed to blast the “featured” areas that we want looking their best!

Ass Blast: Get your ASSets in order. Work your butt and legs until they are in the shape they need to be to wow the crowds all year long. Target the lower body, focusing on the gluteal muscles, the quadricep group and the hamstring group to increase muscle endurance, strength, range of motion and dynamic flexibility

ASSolutely ABBulous: If you aren’t satisfied with how those jeans are fitting then get your ass into this class! Effective movements target the quads, glutes and hammies plus ab training exercises to reorganize the junk in your trunk and create a sexy six-pack.

Back Attack: Glutes, hamstrings, calves, lats, lower back, triceps, rear-delts and rhomboids will all be challenged in this 45-minute workout designed to give you a great view from behind!

Barton Biking: Combine intense upper body strength work with cardiovascular intervals done on Studio Cycles and you get an incredible conditioning workout. Taught by DBGym trainers with an emphasis on building overall muscular endurance.

Circuits Olé: Break up your “routine” with an efficient and challenging form of conditioning. Circuit training develops strength, aerobic and anaerobic capacity, flexibility, and coordination. This class is for anyone looking to up their fitness level and train like an athelete.

Endurance Cycle: Go the distance. 60 minutes to accelerate your mind and body to a new state of being. You can do it… go now.

Fight Club: Cross train like a boxer by combining aerobic boxing drills with strength movements to increase muscular endurance.

Guns: A variety of exercises designed to target the biceps and triceps, that’s it! Get the arms you want in 30-minutes.

Junk: The only class you need to get your ASSets in order. You’ll be challenged with innovative, targeted lower body exercises designed to increase muscle definition and strength. Your ass and legs will be in perfect shape to wow the crowd as you stroll the beach.

Pain & Pleasure: No pain, no gain, that’s the buzz about this weight training class designed to add lean muscle mass to your body. Trainers will lead you through a workout targeting 3 muscle groups. Using medium to heavy weights, multiple sets and active recovery segments this class will challenge you during all 45 little minutes. Results are guaranteed!

Plyo Pump: The best of both worlds – high intensity plyometrics mixed with high volume resistance training. The ultimate total body workout to finesse your physique.

Power Circuit: All fitness levels are invited to test strength, cardio capacity and flexibility during this power house interval class.

Power Conditioning: The ultimate cardiovascular and body weight exercise training challenge! Plyometrics (a big word to get you big results) will be used to increase the POWER of your workouts! Each class is comprised of a number of intervals combining intense plyometric and agility movements with body-weight based strength movements focused on the upper body and core. Simply said, our trainers will condition you to take your training program to the next level during this workout.

Pressure Cooker: Utilizes a series of foundation building compound movements such as squats, deadlifts, overhead presses, and rows that will work multiple muscle groups at one time while increasing your EPOC. These movements provide the benefits of strength and hypertrophy training to build muscle and anaerobic activity to keep the fat at bay.

Rope Burn: Light and heavy rope jumping drills combined to give you an INTENSE cardio workout. No jump rope experience is required.

Six-Pack Attack!: Calisthenics, core training and traditional abdominal exercises combined in a 30-minute format designed to strengthen the entire core with a focus on the abdominal and lower back muscles.

Steam: Hot, hot, hot is how you’ll feel and look after this EXTREME training challenge. High repetition, burn producing strength exercises will be integrated with cardio drills and core strengthening movements. You will be asked to train at approx. 75% of your maximal target heart rate to increase caloric expenditure and intensity. Use of a heart rate monitor is encouraged and all participants should complete a minimum of 20 minutes of cardio prior to the start of class. Determination and commitment are required and results are guaranteed.

Xpress Cycle: An intense 45-minute cardio workout on a stationary bike, based on cycling principles. Classes emphasize technique with a focus on cadence, heart-rate zones, climbs and sprints that are fun, challenging and designed to leave you drenched with sweat.



Yoga @ DavidBartonGym will change the way you look, feel and think. Classes focus on breathing in relation to postures that improve flexibility, balance, coordination and strength. So whether you are in Half Moon pose working your hamstrings, pecs, and trapezius or chilling out in Eagle pose which helps joint mobility and sexual energy… there’s definitely a ton of benefits awaiting you.

Bliss Yoga: In this Vinyasa style class, flow, groove, and move to the rhythm of your heart. Breath deep and turn awareness inward to reveal your true nature: bliss. Arrive wih an open mind and you’re guaranteed to leave smiling. All levels welcome.

Candlelight Yoga: Experience supreme inner peace in this feel-good class. Classic yoga postures, breathing exercises, relaxation and meditation come together to harmonize you – body, mind and spirit. A dynamic and moving class that is perfect for all levels.

Feel Good Yoga: Chill out and experience supreme inner peace. Classic yoga postures, breathing exercises, relaxation and meditation come together to harmonize you on every level – body, mind and spirit.

Fire Yoga: Sweat and release dormant toxins through deep breathing, powerful Asanas and mental focus. Tapping into your Kundalini energy, you’ll transform by balancing energies and exploring your sensuality and power. You will burn away the old making room for the new… your truest, strongest self in body, mind, and soul. Create the heat or get out of the kitchen.

Liquid Yoga: If you think yoga is too slow or you can’t get a “real workout”- think again. Be prepared to work and move with this fastpaced, dynamic vinyasa yoga class designed to make you sweat! It will get your heart rate up and help tone and sculpt your body

Power Vinyasa Yoga: Be prepared to really sweat… a lot. Designed to build strength, sustain focus and adventure into self. Get ready to see your body change.

Rock Star Yoga: Vigorous Vinyasa Yoga done to a rock soundtrack. End class with a cool Shavasana to channel your inner rock star.

Vinyasa Yoga: Synchronize your movement with your breathing, linking the postures together into a flowing practice. Your breathing is used as a constant point of reference. Designed to build strength and sustain focus.

Yoga Basics: Keep yoga simple. Use this class to learn and master yoga postures. This class trains all on an individualistic level.

Yoga Core: Combines challenging strength and body-sculpt conditioning exercises with yoga-based core work.

Yoga For Jocks: This class is for the jock in every guy and girl. It focuses on stretches based on the practice of yoga to enhance performance of specific sports. Strengthens muscles while bringing flexibility to the body and mind.

Level 1: Expert teachers offer accessible, effective, strength building postures and modifications for injuries in a safe environment

Level 2: Classes to take you to the intermediate level expanding strength, stamina and flexibility. Master more advanced postures (inversions, backbends) and more demanding sequences.

Level 2-3: Recommended for those with a year of yoga to be familiar with intermediate postures and breathing. The pace is faster to practice exciting, physically demanding and challenging sequences and variations. You will go deeper and your teacher will help you achieve breakthroughs in your practice and your self-awareness.

Level 3: Geared towards teachers and advanced students with an excellent degree of fitness. The right choice for self-directed students seeking an environment to practice at the highest level.


Strength & Flexibility

As muscles are stretched and contracted at a cellular level; lipids and proteins reorganize optimally allowing for better circulation. All classes use muscular resistance and isolation in order to rock your body toward your goals. All levels welcome.

Pilates Props: Punish your misbehaving core with props designed to enhance and intensify your Pilates practice. Endure exercises with stability balls, flex bands, foam rollers, weights and the Magic Circle for a hard-CORE workout.

Stretch & Abs: This full body stretch class is the perfect addition to any fitness regimen. All levels are welcome to enjoy a variety of yoga postures blended with classic stretching and intense powerhouse abdominal work.

Look Better Naked.